After several years, I’m happy to launch the Gatekeeper Project, an attempt to crowdsource data collection on the composition of the Editorial Boards of academic journals, with my brother, Dr. Emilio Bruna. We seek to (1) understand how and why Editorial Board composition varies within and across disciplines and then (2) use these data to help scholars, academic societies, editors, and publishers in their efforts to make the Editorial Boards of our journals more inclusive and diverse.

Please join us! Every journal helps, and we are interested in all fields – Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Physical Sciences, Medicine, Business… Collecting these data is a great class or lab group project — in fact this started as a class project — that encourages students to think about the many factors that influence the creation and diffusion of scholarship and is a perfect stage to launch discussions about the role of gender, ethnicity, and professional advancement in the academy.  You can read more about how to get involved at the main site.

Launch of the Gatekeepers Project