Peer-Reviewed Publications, Book Chapters and Book Reviews

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  1. 2020    Opportunities and Challenges to Data Sharing with American Indian Tribal Nations, in Organize This! Data Management for Anthropology. Jerome Crowder and Richard Freeman, eds. Palgrave Publishers. (Accepted 2017, Anticipated Publication in 2019).
  2. 2019    Book Review: Landscapes of Power: Politics of Energy In the Navajo Nation, by Dana E. Powell. American Ethnologist.
  3. 2016     Religious Gardens, Pilgrimages And Dancing: A Critique Of Translated Interventions In A Tribal Community, in The Applied Anthropology Of Obesity: Prevention, Intervention And Identity. Chad T. Morris and Alexandra G. DeLaricheliere, eds.. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
  4. 2015     Community Based Pilot Study of Diagnostic Paths to the Gluten Free Diet, in International Journal of Celiac Disease. 3.1: 17-24. With Stevenson, J., Rankin-Sunter, K., Maki C., Mosher, M.J., Barrett, C.
  5. 2014     The Role of Community Health Centers in Assessing the Social Determinants of Health for Planning and Policy: The Example of Frontier New Mexico. Journal of Ambulatory Care Management. Jul-Sep;37(3):258-68. With Cacari-Stone, L., Wilger, S., Cantor, J. & Guzman, C.
  6. 2014     Process Evaluation of a Promotora de Salud Intervention for Improving Hypertension Outcomes for Latinos Living in a Rural U.S.-Mexico Border Region. Health Promotion Practice May;15(3):356-64. With Sánchez V., Cacari Stone L., Moffett M.L., Nguyen P., Muhammad M.,Urias-Chauvin R.


  1. 2013     Sowing Seeds for the Future to Honor Tigua History and Tradition”: Diabetes Prevention Practices at Ysleta del Sur Pueblo. Committee: Dr. Field, Dr. Singer, Dr. Debenport, Dr. Wallerstein, Dr. Lamphere. 2013. PhD. Thesis, University of New Mexico.
  2. 2003     Issues of Tigua Recognition: Negotiating Legal and Ethnic Identity on the U.S. – Mexico Border. Committee Chair: Dr. Straus.  M.A. Thesis, University of Chicago.
  3. 1999     From Failed Literacy Programs to a Pan-Indian Identity: The Role of Indigenismo in the Formation of the Mexican Indian, 1920-1940. Committee Chair: Dr. Straus. B.A. Thesis, University of Chicago.