For a complete list of awards and completed grants please view my curriculum vitae: Bruna-CV-2019.


2018      Nominee, Diversity Achievement Award, Western Washington University
2018      Fellow, Society for Applied Anthropology
2015      Nominee, Peter J. Elich Excellence in Teaching Award, Western Washington University
2011      Inductee, National Hispanic Science Network
2006     New Mexico Hispano Round Table Scholars Award
1999      Best Undergraduate Paper, Annual Meeting of the Central States Anthropology Society


2015 – 2016      Community Engagement Faculty Fellowship, Western Washington University
2011 – 2013      Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellowship
2011 – 2012      UNM Hibben Fellowship, Department of Anthropology (declined)
2007 – 2013     Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellow
2007                   Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – HSHPS Fellowship, Division of Diabetes and Translation, National Diabetes Education Program, Atlanta, Georgia
2005 – 2006     UNM Regents Fellowship
2005                    Smithsonian Institution Visiting Scholar Fellowship
2005                    Ford Foundation Diversity Predoctoral Fellowship, Honorable Mention
2004                    New Mexico Office of the Governor & Cultural Affairs Preservation Fellowship
2003 – 2004     UNM Center for Southwest Research Fellowship
2003                   NSF Predoctoral Fellowship, Honorable Mention
2002                   Foreign Language Area Studies Fellowship, Quichua Language, Ecuador (declined)
2001 – 2001      Illinois Consortium for Educational Opportunity Program Fellowship
1998                    Univ. of Chicago Summer Research Opportunities Program


2018      Content Analysis of Medical Anthropology Syllabi In the United States. Mini Grant, Western Washington University ($600)

2018      Qualitative Inquiry and Computer Assisted Analysis. Summer Teaching Grant, Western Washington University ($6,000)

2018      Surviving Fieldwork: Mixed Methods Evaluation of Fieldwork Safety Issues Among
Anthropology and Biology Field Scientists. Project Development Award. Western Washington University ($10,180.20)

2016 – 17      Social Network Analysis of Informal Mentoring Among Underrepresented Students and
Faculty at Western Washington University. Thaddeus Spratlen and Lois Price-Spratlen Inclusion and Diversity Grants Program; Western Washington University ($2993)

2016 – 17      Fraser Lecture Series Endowment for the Cascadia Seminar In Medical Anthropology, Office of the Provost, Western Washington University ($9,482)

2016 – 17      Walkability Assessment: A CBPR Study With the City of Edmonds”, WA. Sustainable
Cities Partnership Travel, Research and Equipment Funding. Western Washington University ($2,500)

2016      Summer Course for Research Design in the Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences.
National Science Foundation. ($4,000)

2015      Experimental Applied Research: Crowdsourcing the Gender and Ethnic Composition of the
Editorial Boards for Anthropology Journals.” Sean Bruna, PhD. Start-Up Research Funds, Western Washington University ($6,000)

2012 – 14      “I am Tigua” Youth Health and Wellness Photovoice Project for Permanent Display in the
Community Health Center. Youth Intervention and Prevention Program, Community Health Center, Ysleta del Sur Pueblo. Funded by the Ortiz Center for Intercultural Studies, University of New Mexico. ($5,000)

2014 – 24      Culturally Appropriate Options for Diabetes Prevention and Care for Low-Income
Latinos”. Lidia Regino, East Central Ministries/One Hope Centro de Vida Health Center (PI), Janet Page- Reeves, UNM HSC (Co-PI), Sean Bruna, Bilingual Ethnographer. PCORI Tier I Award, ($15,000, declined)


  1. 2017, Giselle Kiraly, WWU Friends of Anthropology Undergraduate Conference Travel Award ($350)
  2. 2017, Samantha Whalen, WWU Fund For the Enhancement of Graduate Research  ($506)
  3. 2016, Peter Miterko, WWU, Fund For the Enhancement of Graduate Research ($1,000)
  4. 2016, Kayla Soucy, WWU Fund For the Enhancement of Graduate Research ($1,000)
  5. 2016, Matia Jones, WWU Fund For the Enhancement of Graduate Research ($900)
  6. 2016, Tawney Mayer, WWU Grant for Undergraduate Research ($350)
  7. 2015, Megan Stephenson, WWU Fund For the Enhancement of Graduate Research ($1,000)
  8. 2015, Cecilia Martin, WWU Fund For the Enhancement of Graduate Research ($1,000)


  1. Peter Miterko (MA, 2017), Outstanding Graduate Student Award
  2. Isabella Ramos Miller (BA, 2016), Honors
  3. Megan Stephenson (MA, 2016), Outstanding Graduate Student Award
  4. Brooke Jesperson (BA, 2015), Honors