Join The Lab

Graduate Students

Interested in Anthropology at WWU?  GREAT!  Bellingham is a wonderful place to live and the WWU Anthro faculty have a strong focus in four field anthropology, including medical and biological anthropology.  I encourage students to pursue their own research, not simply topics which interest me.  If you are considering working with me I hope you:

  • Have an interest in applied anthropology
  • Use mixed methods or want to learn how to select the best methods for your research questions
  • Are eager to support your fellow students! Graduate school is challenging and your fellow classmates are a great source of support.
  • Actively pursue funding at WWU and elsewhere.
  • Have a positive outlook and enjoy the challenges of academic research. Remember, you are earning a MA…. it’s tough work but rewarding!

You probably already know that you are interested in anthropology and are considering applying, but feel free to email me with the following information if you are interested in applying and would like me to advise you:

  • A description of your research interests or question you might pursue
  • Your prior research experience (it’s okay if you only have classroom experiences)
  • Your academic history (I’ve accepted students that were not anthro majors, but I do like to know your experience)
  • Any other thoughts or questions

Good luck and I hope to hear from you soon!

Applications are due in January. You can find all the application information at these sites:  (please note, our department does not require you take the GRE)

Undergraduate Students

Each year I advise undergraduate anthropology majors and take on a limited number of students interested in working in my lab on credit-based independent studies, as work-study students, or on grant based research. I am particularly interested in supporting underrepresented students as well as those that are new to anthropology. Please note, simply needing credit to graduate is not a sufficient reason to request an independent study.

If you are interested in working with me as an independent study student, as work-study, or on grant based research, please email me a word document with the information below then see me in office hours:

  • your name, year, major, and contact information
  • the type of involvement (independent study, work study, or grant based research)
  • a 1/2 page description of your proposed project (must relate to my research specialties) or the project you would like to work on
  • attach your resume to the email

If you are interested in advisement for your major, please contact the Anthropology Office. I look forward to hearing from you!