Sean Bruna, M.A., PhD.

 Current Lab Students

  1. Tyler Stodola, B.A., 2017, Post-Baccalaureate Student
  2. Matia Jones, M.A. Candidate, Cultural Anthropology (Sustainable Agriculture Policy)
  3. Samantha Whalen, M.A. Candidate, Cultural Anthropology (Surrogacy)
  4. Lisa Osadchuk, M.A. student, Cultural Anthropology (Adaptive Sports)
  5. Hoku Rivera, Anthropology, Senior
  6. Zania Sterling, Psychology & Anthropology, Senior
  7. Jesse Rusk, Anthropology, Senior
  8. Angel Terry, Political Science, Sophomore
  9. Dulce Facundo-Rodriguez, Junior
  10. Hunch the Service Dog, BA in Olfaction Notification, Post-Graduate Fellowship in Team Building

Lab Alumni: Graduate Students whose Committee I Chair

  1. Cecilia Martin, M.A. (nominated for Outstanding Graduate Award, pending), Cultural Anthropology, 2019 – employed at full time parenting
  2. Peter Miterko, M.A. (Outstanding Graduate Award), Cultural Anthropology, 2017 – employed at Northwest Youth Services
  3. Megan Stephenson, M.A. (Outstanding Graduate Award), Cultural Anthropology, 2016 – employed at Unity Care NW

Lab Alumni: Undergraduate Students

  1. Robyn Taylor, Senior, Anthropology
  2. Tori Bianchi, B.S., Bio-Anthropology with Honors, Spring 2018 – MSc Student at UCL Institute of Archaeology
  3. Madeleine Rackers, Biology/Anthropology
  4. Anna Knoblach, BA, Anthropology, Spring 2017
  5. Bryn Knapp, B.S., Psychology, Winter 2017
  6. Kate Varberg, BA, Multidisciplinary Studies, BA, Winter 2017 – Sails Tall Ships Around the World
  7. Giselle Kiraly, Biology & Anthropology, BS, Winter 2017 – MSc Bioarchaeological and Forensic Anthropology at UCL
  8. Yomalli Contreras-Ortiz, B.A., Anthropology, Fall 2017
  9. Galen Herz, B.S. Biochemistry & Anthropology, Fall 2017
  10. Steve Martin B.S., Biology & Anthropology, Spring 2017
  11. Lillian Loescher B.A., Pure Mathematics, Spring 2017 – Professor of Mathematics, Linn-Benton Community College, Albany, OR
  12. Evangelia Pantoleon B.A., Cultural Anthropology, Spring 2016
  13. Tawny Mayer, B.A., Anthropology, 2016
  14. Louie Labrador M.A., Business 2015
  15. Alex Donigian, B.S. Bio-Cultural Anthropology, Spring 2016 – Training for Olympics
  16. Isabella Ramos Miller B.S., Bio-Anthropology (with Honors), Spring 2016 – Completed Nursing Program, University of Utah
  17. Sam Bottman B.A., Biology & Anthropology, Spring 2016
  18. Brita Eisert B.S., Biology & Anthropology, Spring 2016
  19. Brooke Jespersen B.A., Anthropology & Spanish (with Honors), Spring 2015 – PhD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University

Lab Alumni: K-9s

  1. Aengus The Irish Wolfhound, Landscaping, BA; Osteology, PhD. Posthumous Emeritus, 2020.