My courses engage students by combining academic scholarship and hands-on research. By combining the two approaches, students learn to work on projects which may have a meaningful impact with both academic and public communities.

Western Washington University

Core courses in my teaching rotation are indicated with blue font. Search what I’m offering next quarter using WWU Class Finder.

  1. Honors Thesis Advisor
  2. Student/Faculty Self-Designed Major Advisor
  3. Advanced Independent Study, Various Topics
  4. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Anth 201)
  5. Qualitative Research Methods for Anthropology (Anth 303)
  6. American Indian Perspectives (Anth 361)
  7. Latin American Perspectives (Anth 365)
  8. Medical Anthropology (Anth 424/524)
  9. Advanced Qualitative Inquiry (New Nvivo training course for Spring 2019, Anth 497r/597r)
  10. Mentored Training & Research (New Course under development for Fall 2020)
  11. Anthropology Internship (Anthropology 469)
  12. Community Based Participatory Research Senior Seminar (Anth 490)
  13. Teaching-Learning Process in Anthropology (Anth 495)
  14. Academic and Professional Portfolio Assembly (Anth 496)
  15. MA Students Only: Graduate Theory in Anthropological Research (Anth 502)
  16. MA Students Only: Graduate Research Design and Methods (Anth 503)
  17. MA Students Only: Research Mentorship & Professional Development (Anth 586)

University of New Mexico

  1. Health Medicine and Human Values, University of New Mexico Combined BA/MD Program
  2. Introduction to Ethnographic Video Production
  3. Anthropology & Community Gardens I/II
  4. Community-Based Urban Anthropology Research

El Paso Community College

  1. Cultural Geography
  2. Introduction to Social/Cultural Anthropology

Chicago Community College

  1. Introduction to the Study of Society
  2. Introduction to Sociology and the Scientific Study of Human Behavior

University of Chicago

  1. American Indian Powwows