Sean Bruna, PhD. is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Western Washington University. Dr. Bruna frequently uses community-based and collaborative mixed-methods to examine the intersections of identity and community health. His current research includes testing heath interventions for other Latinx or American Indians living with chronic disease, examination of disciplinary trends in anthropology, documentation of risky fieldwork practices and COVID-19 management strategies.

As a Latinx scholar, Dr. Bruna dedicates efforts to creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for students in his lab, with colleagues in his department, and for the university as a whole. Dr. Bruna actively teaches 6 to 8 courses a year and advises at least 40 students a quarter (35 undergrads and 5 graduate students).  Many of his courses explore advanced methodologies or are graduate degree level courses, though his undergrad medical anthropology course is regularly in high demand.