Driving Into Washington in 2014

I’m happy to announce that this fall I started as a tenured professor in the department. This task was not accomplished alone – my fiancé, family, friends, students and colleagues in Anthropology and elsewhere helped me along the way. To all of you that supported me, thank you.

A big part of being a professor is evaluating accomplishments. So last night while reading Harpers Index I thought I would take a look back at my four years in Bellingham.

Awards: 4
Grants: 8
Publications: 6
Posters: 5
Collaborators at Other Institutions: 13
Unique Courses Designed: 10
Grad/Undergrad Course Sections: 119
MA Thesis Committees Chaired: 7
MA Thesis Committees as Member: 8
Undergrad Honors or Self Designed Majors: 6
Post-Baccalaureate Lab Mentees: 1
Undergraduate Lab Mentees: 21
Graduate Student Research Grants: 12
Cross Country Flights to Fiancé: 14
Cross Country Miles with an Irish Wolfhound to Visit Fiancé: 18,300
Pounds of Dog Food Purchased: 2,180
Black V-Neck Sweaters Purchased: 5
WWU Parking Tickets: 52
Office Plants Killed: 3
Sailing Races: 240
Successful Tenure Packets: 1

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