Call for Crowdsourced Data: Gender of Anthro Editorial Boards

One of my undergrads needs your help! We are researching the gender composition of editorial boards and are having a hard time finding the front matter of several journals (where the board members are listed).

If you have copies of journals on your shelf could you snap a photo and send it to her via text or email (mention the year if it is not visible)? We need a photo of the first journal printed for every volume year.  Example: American Anthropologist. Volume 2, Number 1, January 2010.

Giselle’s phone: 360-909-5398
Giselle’s email: [email protected]

post script – we emailed editors and only one responded to her request (Cultural Anthropology, woot!). 🙁 So maybe crowdsourced data is the way to go? 🙂 We’ll update this list regularly.

post-post-script – Just soft launched the Gatekeepers Project. Announcements forthcoming.

List of Journals We Need

American Journal of Archaeology: COMPLETE

American Anthropologist: COMPLETE

American Journal of Physical Anthropology: COMPLETE

American Ethnologist: COMPLETE

Cultural Anthropology: COMPLETE

Current Anthropology: COMPLETE


Human Organization: COMPLETE

International Journal of American Linguistics: COMPLETE

Medical Anthropology Quarterly: COMPLETE


Call for Crowdsourced Data: Gender of Anthro Editorial Boards
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