Contribute to Archipelago: Perspectives on Life in the Salish Sea

Contribute to the Pacific Northwest’s newest place-based publication: Archipelago: Perspectives on Life in the Salish Sea. Glad to be part of a dynamo editorial board with Josh Cerretti, Theresa Warburton, Kate Darby, and Travis Tennessen.


Archipelago: Perspectives on Life in the Salish Sea is a new digital publication based out of Bellingham, Washington seeking submissions for our inaugural season of articles to be published in the spring of 2017. We seek submissions of brief (1,000 word) articles as well as photography, short video, audio, creative work, interactive features, and other digital formats.

Archipelago centers place-based learning and seeks to promote an ethic of place specifically tied to the land and waters of the Salish Sea region. Our goal is to develop a love and commitment to the region and a recognition of its multiple cultural, political, and environmental histories.

We seek submissions from both sides of the US-Canada border and from writers both inside and outside of academia. We are especially interested in pieces that combine critical analysis with engaging storytelling that will appeal to educated but non-specialist audiences. We hope that Archipelago will be useful to a wide community, including lifelong Pacific Northwesters, newcomers to the region, local activists, artists, organizers, educators, and writers. We encourage members of historically underrepresented groups to share their work with us and are dedicated to centering voices and perspectives that have been marginalized in other venues.

Types of articles may include:
· Guidance for people with particular interests or backgrounds;
· Practical tips for work or home life;
· Guides to specific areas or places in the region;
· Reflections on important parts of the region’s cultural/political/environmental history;
· Cautionary tales of mistakes made and wisdom learned while working in the region;
· Calls to action to address regional issues;
· Lists of resources that are available;
· Profiles of key people, books, films, or organizations;
· Creative work

Submissions should be relatively short (750-1500 words) or open to the possibility of serialization. We also appreciate submissions that include images that you have the right to distribute. Format should be for digital publication (i.e. hyperlinks are great, extensive footnotes are not). All contributors must be open to the editorial process. Accepted submissions will be released on a weekly basis during 10 week long ‘Seasons’ twice a year. Season 1 articles will be published from late March to early June, 2017.

Please submit completed pieces or proposals for pieces to the editorial board at [email protected] by Wednesday, March 1st.

Contribute to Archipelago: Perspectives on Life in the Salish Sea