Ethics in Science Seminar Series

Galen Herz, a student in my lab, helped plan the 2017 “Ethics in Science Seminar Series” for the WWU Biology Department and this year’s series looks great. On may 11 I’ll join in discuss ethical considerations on sharing data collected in partnership with an American Indian tribe.  Keep an eye out for the full manuscript of my talk, next year, in “Organize This!  Data Sharing in Anthropology”, a book edited by Dr. Jerome Crowder, Institute for the Medical Humanities, U. Texas Medical Branch and  Dr. Richard Freeman, Smathers Libraries, University of Florida.


Ethics in Science Seminar Series
Lectures in SL120

APRIL 27 5:30 PM – 7PM Seminar 1 Janai Symons, JD
Why research ethics is relevant to you as a scientist.

MAY4 5:30PM–7PM Seminar 2 Wayne Landis, PhD
The use of animals in research and the test release of gene drive organisms into the environment.

MAY11 5:30PM–7PM Seminar 3
Sean Bruna, PhD & Anna Groat Carmona, PhD Is human data public or private?

Refreshments served at 5:15 PM. Each seminar will consist of a 40 min lecture, Q&A, followed by an optional small group discussion.

Ethics in Science Seminar Series