Interested in Medical Anthropology Research at WWU?  Join the Medanthro Lab!

Interested in working on Medical Anthropology Research? I’m looking for dedicated students to participate in the development and completion of several projects.  Various volunteer opportunities are available for undergraduate and graduate students to work individually and in team settings, learn professional skills, assist with research projects and generally have fun. I hope to turn some of these into funded positions and I’ll advise you if you are work-study.

Projects/Skills include:

  • Project Coordination
  • Grant development & writing
  • Web Design
  • Pilot Research
  • Survey Design
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Interview Analysis
  • Co-authorship on Manuscripts
  • Coffee Drinking

If interested, stop in at my first lab meeting:
Anthropology Lounge
Tuesday, September 29 from 9:30-10:30am

Dr. Sean Bruna

[email protected]           @SeanBruna

Interested in Medical Anthropology Research at WWU?