Lab Mentee Highlighted in Wester Today:  Rhiannon Joker

“Rhiannon Joker is a second-year graduate student of anthropology who specializes in Latinx idioms of distress — that is, the common expressions used to describe psychiatric experiences and symptoms in Latinx communities. She focuses on these idioms in an effort to decolonialize biomedicine and build better patient care.  

Joker is a recipient of the WWU Graduate Research Award for her work. Research shows that mental illness is culturally constructed, which means there’s more than one way to show mental illness and distress. Joker wants her research to push biomedical clinicians to better understand how their Latinx patients use particular idioms so that clinicians can develop more effective care rooted in a place of stronger cultural relevance. The first step is for the clinicians to recognize and accept patients’ experiences told in their own words….”

Read the full article at Western Today.

Lab Mentee Highlighted in Wester Today: Rhiannon Joker
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