Last spring I taught a community based participatory research course for advanced undergraduates and graduate students and one of the assignments was to create a blog. The grads and undergrads (some of which are art majors) did a great job developing their sites.

Of course, as part of the critique I had to show them mine, and after a few awkward moments everyone had plenty to say about it… plenty.  Mainly that it was incredibly outdated and dull. One student who I’ll leave unnamed (I’m not saying your name, Galen) actually laughed as he asked me how long a professor counts as “recently hired at WWU”.  So today I thought I would take a peek at my websites over the years and put together a new one. Thanks to the Wayback Internet Archive I was able to peek back at a few.


First WebsiteVersion 1.0… rocking the CSS. This was my first attempt at coding. It took a while to figure out but thanks to online resources it was relatively easy to put together.






Graduate School Website


Version 2.0… I discovered WordPress. And as everyone knows, I’m not a fan of color.  Basically, this mirrored the way I dress. Simple and monochrome.






New Professor Website

Version 3.0… different, but the same. This was the one my students critiqued. But hey, I added a Twitter feed so it was different, right? lolz.







Current WebsiteVersion 4.0… is that color I see? I’m still not sure what I think of the slider, especially since I only have one link so far, but hey, it has color. That said, I’m TERRIBLE picking out color, so I’ll likely ask a few art majors to look at it. I also need a good headshot to replace the 5 year old group photo of me. But this is a start, and as I told my students, your work will never be perfect… your goal it make it good enough, plus some.

New WWU Medanthro Lab Website