New publication on HIV Risk among trafficked women

As part of a new collaboration, we have a new paper out on HIV Risk among trafficked women.

Yeon Jung Yu, Sean Bruna & Christopher McCarty (2020) HIV Risk among trafficked women: a systematic review of the global literature, AIDS Care, DOI: 10.1080/09540121.2020.1861178

This review examines the global literature concerning HIV/STI risk among trafficked female sex workers (FSWs), in relation to sex trafficking and drug use. The compound effects of sexual and drug-related risk merit a systematic literature review to grant a better understanding of their role in HIV/STI transmission. The current review synthesizes the results of 21 studies conducted in multiple cultural settings. Though the selected studies similarly found heightened HIV risks faced by trafficked FSWs, the focuses varied from the effect of trafficking on HIV, to the effect of entry age to sex work on HIV, to the effects of various forms of violence on HIV, to the effect of HIV risk behaviors on HIV, and to the relationship between HIV and other STIs. While focuses and findings varied, they are in consensus that various forms of violence and diminished autonomy, as a result of sex trafficking, accelerate the FSWs’ risks of HIV/STIs even in comparison to women who voluntarily enter the sex trade. Variations in findings may be attributed to specific socio-cultural settings and various research methods as well as differences in the risk factors being studied. This points to the need for more empirical studies – particularly those that specifically target trafficked FSWs and the mechanisms of HIV/STI transmissions among the highly vulnerable population.

This is part of a larger series of grants and research on the topic, but for now, we hope that you make use of the findings.

New publication on HIV Risk among trafficked women
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