Planning for 2019

A big part of being a professor is evaluating our productivity and planning for the future, sometimes years into the future. So I thought I would take a look back at 2018 as I plan my goals for 2019. Here are some fun tidbits:

1 Tenure Packet
2 Awards
3 Grants
2 Publications
2 Posters
6 Courses
3 MA Thesis Chair
4 MA Thesis Committee Member
2 Undergrad Self Designed Major
1 Post-Bac Lab Mentee
6 Undergrad Lab Mentees
1 Grad Research Grant
A hot mess of service

But the ones I really like are:

8 Cross Country Fiancé Flights or Visits
1 6,200 Mile Road Trip To/From Fiancé with Irish Wolfhound
500 Lbs of Dog Food

For 2019 I’m focusing on major publications and grants…. but maybe I’ll just catch up on sleep.

UPDATE for 2019: unanimous votes, from Department all the way up to the President, for promotion and tenure to Associate Professor.

Planning for 2019
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