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* indicates publication with undergraduate or graduate student author(s).

Peer Reviewed Publications

2021Medical Anthropology Courses and Concepts Tested on the MCAT: A Content Analysis of 40 U.S. Course Syllabi* Journal of Medical Education and Curricular Development.
2021Social Ecology of Hypertension Management Among Latinos Living In The US-Mexico Border Region. Health Promotion Practice.
2020Trafficked Women and HIV: A Systematic Review of the Global Literature. AIDS Care.
2020Resident identified strengths and challenges of project-based permanent supportive housing program implementation in a small metropolitan county. *Housing and Society.
2020Opportunities and Challenges to Data Sharing with American Indian Tribal Nations. In: Crowder J., Fortun M., Besara R., Poirier L. (eds) Anthropological Data in the Digital Age. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.
2019Landscapes of Power: Politics of Energy in the Navajo Nation.  Dana E.  Powell, . Durham, NC: Duke University Press,  2018.  336 pp.. American Ethnologist, 46: 252-253.
2016Religious Gardens, Pilgrimages And Dancing: A Critique Of Translated Interventions In A Tribal Community, in The Applied Anthropology Of Obesity: Prevention, Intervention And Identity. Chad T. Morris and Alexandra G. DeLaricheliere, eds.. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
2015Community Based Pilot Study of Diagnostic Paths to the Gluten Free Diet*. International Journal of Celiac Disease, 3(1), 17-24.
2014The role of community health centers in assessing the social determinants of health for planning and policy: the example of frontier New MexicoThe Journal of ambulatory care management37(3), 258–268.
2014Process Evaluation of a Promotora de Salud Intervention for Improving Hypertension Outcomes for Latinos Living in a Rural U.S.–Mexico Border Region. Health Promotion Practice, 15(3), 356–364.

Manuscripts in Preparation, Submitted or in Revision

In PrepSurviving Fieldwork: A Systematic Review Of Safety Issues Among BIPOC Field Researchers*
In PrepWomen Are Underrepresented on the Editorial Boards of Journals In Anthropology: A 40-Year Longitudinal Analysis of Ten Anthropology Journals*
SubmittedPromoting Retention of Academic Nursing Deans and Directors through the Council on Nursing Education
SubmittedReframing chronic homelessness with photovoice: perspectives from residents of a permanent supportive housing program who have experienced chronic homelessness*
R&RBook Review: Qualitative research methods (2nd ed.), by Monique Hennink, Ing Hutter and Ajay Bailey
R&RWhat Qualities Do Underrepresented Minority Students Value in an Informal Mentor at a Predominantly White University?*

Research Advised (Service as Committee Chair)

2020Jones, Matia. “Ethnography of Urban Food Policy: Increasing Food Sovereignty in Bellingham, Washington“. MA Thesis. WWU Graduate School Collection. 997.
2019Martin, Cecilia. “The Amukura Water Project: Utilization of Photovoice to Examine Water Use and Needs in Western Kenya“. MA Thesis.WWU Graduate School Collection. 900. 
2018Bianchi, Tori. “Gender Discrepancy in Asexual Identity: The Effect of Hegemonic Gender Norms on Asexual Identification”. WWU Honors Program Senior Project.
2017Miterko, Peter.”Community within Single-Site Permanent Supportive Housing: Perspectives and Experiences from Staff and Residents at St. Mary’s House“. MA Thesis.WWU Graduate School Collection. 623.
2016Stephenson, Megan. “Video Education For Nutritional Management Of Type 2 Diabetes In A Rural, Multiethnic Community In Molokai, Hawaii” (2016). MA Thesis.WWU Graduate School Collection. 484.
2016Miller, Isabel Ramos. “Reworking the Structure of Sexual Education Sessions at Western Washington University”.WWU Honors Program Senior Project.