Join The Lab

Graduate Students

Interested in Anthropology at WWU?  GREAT!  Bellingham is a wonderful place to live and the faculty have a strong focus in four field anthropology, including medical and biological anthropology.  If you are considering researching with our group, I hope you:

  • Have an interest in medical or applied anthropology
  • Use mixed methods or want to learn how to select the best methods for your research questions
  • Are eager to support your fellow students! Graduate school is challenging and your fellow classmates are a great source of support.
  • Actively pursue funding at WWU and elsewhere (see Funding Opportunities)
  • Have a positive outlook and enjoy the challenges of academic research. Remember, you are earning a MA…. it’s tough work but rewarding!

You probably already know that you are interested in anthropology and are considering applying, but feel free to email me a paragraph that addresses the following:

  • A description of your research interests or question you might pursue
  • Your prior research experience (it’s okay if you only have classroom experiences)
  • Your academic history (I’ve accepted students that were not anthro majors, but I do like to know your experience)

Good luck and I hope to hear from you soon!

Undergraduate Students

I am particularly interested in supporting underrepresented students as well as those that are new to anthropology.  If you are interested in researching with the group, please email me a paragraph about yourself. Preference will be given to students that contact me by October 1.  Be sure to include,

  • your name, year, major, and contact information
  • the type of involvement (independent study, work study, volunteer, or grant based research)
  • a paragraph page description of your proposed project (must relate to my research specialties) or a project of mine you would like to join

I look forward to hearing from you!