Sean Bruna, M.A., PhD.

Current Lab Students – Topic

  1. Matia Jones, M.A. Candidate, Cultural Anthropology – Sustainable Agriculture Policy
  2. Spike Osadchuk, M.A. student, Cultural Anthropology – Disability Studies; Covid-19 Isolation
  3. Samantha Whalen, M.A. Candidate, Cultural Anthropology – Surrogacy Practices
  4. Hoku Rivera, Anthropology, B.A., 2020, Post-Baccalaureate Mentee –  BIPOC Fieldwork Safety
  5. Bassma Al-Nighashi, Sociology, 3rd Year –  Recreational Drug Use
  6. Awa Njie, 1st Year, Undeclared – Recreational Drug Use

Lab Alumni: Graduate Students

Martin, Cecilia (2019) “The Amukura Water Project: Utilization of Photovoice to Examine Water Use and Needs in Western Kenya.” WWU Graduate School Collection. 900.

  • Awarded WWU Fund for the Enhancement of Graduate Research
  • WWU Outstanding Graduate Award
  • Employed at full time parenting

Miterko, Peter (2017). “Community within Single-Site Permanent Supportive Housing: Perspectives and Experiences from Staff and Residents at St. Mary’s House.”WWU Graduate School Collection. 623.

  • Awarded WWU Fund for the Enhancement of Graduate Research
  • WWU Outstanding Graduate Award
  • Employed at Northwest Youth Services  
  • Publication:  “Resident identified strengths and challenges of project-based permanent supportive housing program implementation in a small metropolitan county”, Housing and Society, DOI: 10.1080/08882746.2020.1818049

Stephenson, Megan (2016). “Video Education For Nutritional Management Of Type 2 Diabetes In A Rural, Multiethnic Community In Molokai, Hawaii.” (2016). WWU Graduate School Collection. 484.

  • Awarded WWU Fund for the Enhancement of Graduate Research
  • WWU Outstanding Graduate Award
  • Employed at Unity Care NW

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Lab Alumni: Lab Mentees and Independent Study Students

  1. Angel Terry, Political Science, Junior
  2. Dulce Facundo-Rodriguez, Junior, Archaeology
  3. Bassma Al-Nighashi, Junior
  4. Tyler Stodola, B.A., 2017, Post-Baccalaureate Mentee
  5. Robyn Taylor, Senior, Anthropology, BA, 2020
  6. Tori Bianchi, B.S., Bio-Anthropology with Honors, Spring 2018 – MSc Student at UCL Institute of Archaeology
  7. Madeleine Rackers, Biology/Anthropology
  8. Anna Knoblach, BA, Anthropology, Spring 2017
  9. Bryn Knapp, B.S., Psychology, Winter 2017
  10. Kate Varberg, BA, Multidisciplinary Studies, BA, Winter 2017 – Sails Tall Ships Around the World
  11. Giselle Kiraly, Biology & Anthropology, BS, Winter 2017 – MSc Bioarchaeological and Forensic Anthropology at UCL
  12. Yomalli Contreras-Ortiz, B.A., Anthropology, Fall 2017
  13. Galen Herz, B.S. Biochemistry & Anthropology, Fall 2017
  14. Steve Martin B.S., Biology & Anthropology, Spring 2017
  15. Lillian Loescher B.A., Pure Mathematics, Spring 2017 – Professor of Mathematics, Linn-Benton Community College, Albany, OR
  16. Evangelia Pantoleon B.A., Cultural Anthropology, Spring 2016
  17. Tawny Mayer, B.A., Anthropology, 2016
  18. Louie Labrador M.A., Business 2015
  19. Alex Donigian, B.S. Bio-Cultural Anthropology, Spring 2016 – Training for Olympics
  20. Isabella Ramos Miller B.S., Bio-Anthropology (with Honors), Spring 2016 – Completed Nursing Program, University of Utah
  21. Sam Bottman B.A., Biology & Anthropology, Spring 2016
  22. Brita Eisert B.S., Biology & Anthropology, Spring 2016
  23. Brooke Jespersen B.A., Anthropology & Spanish (with Honors), Spring 2015 – PhD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University

Lab K-9s

  1. Hunch the Service Dog Osadchuk, BA in Olfaction Notification, Post-Graduate Fellowship in Team Building
  2. Aengus The Irish Wolfhound (2011 – 2020), Landscaping, BA; Osteology, PhD. Awarded Posthumous Emeritus status March 2020.