Lab Members

Lead PI

Dr. Sean Bruna – Associate Professor of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology

Current Members Advised as Chair

  1. L. C. Osadchuk, M.A. Candidate, Cultural Anthropology – Covid-19 Isolation Strategies Among Disabled People
  2. Rhiannon Joker, M.A. Candidate, Cultural Anthropology – Theory on Research Challenges and Failures
  3. Jessica Paredes Strong, M.A. Candidate, Cultural Anthropology – Resiliency

Active Alumni and Affiliate Members

  1. Cori Knight, PhD., University of California, Riverside
  2. G McGrew, PhD., Chemistry, Western Washington University
  3. Tori Bianchi, B.A., 2018 (Lab Alumni), MSc, Anthropology, Cabrillo College
  4. Krista Schafte, BA, Anthropology – Intergenerational Trauma and Obesity
  5. Jennie Adler, BA, Anthropology – Recreational Drug Use Among College Students: Dabs

Lab K-9s

  1. Hunch the Service Dog Osadchuk, BA in Olfaction Notification, Post-Graduate Fellowship in Team Building, PhD. Awarded Posthumous Emeritus status.
  2. Aengus The Irish Wolfhound (2011 – 2020), Landscaping, BA; Osteology, PhD. Awarded Posthumous Emeritus status.