Lead PI

Dr. Sean Bruna – Associate Professor of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology

Current Members

  1. Daniel Hargrave, PhD. Candidate, U. of South Florida (committee Member)
  2. Tyler Stodola, MA Candidate, U. of North Texas (committee member)
  3. L. C. Osadchuk, M.A. Candidate, Cultural Anthropology – Covid-19 Isolation Strategies Among Disabled People
  4. Samantha Whalen, M.A. Candidate, Cultural Anthropology – Experiences with Surrogacy
  5. Rhiannon Joker, M.A. Candidate, Cultural Anthropology – Latinx Idioms of Distress in Clinical Encounters
  6. Jessica Paredes Strong, M.A. Student, Cultural Anthropology – research in development
  7. Temika Johnson, M.A. Student, Cultural Anthropology – research in development
  8. Bassma Al-Nighashi, 4th Year, Sociology – Composition of Editorial Boards of Anthropology Journals
  9. Jennie Adler, 4th Year, Anthropology – Recreational Drug Use Among College Students: Dabs
  10. Caitlin Millard, 4th Year, Honors – Queering The Birth Experience: Examination of Obstetrical Practice 
  11. Kate Amos, 4th Year, Honors – Genetic Gift Giving
  12. Krista Schafte, 4th Year, Honors – Intergenerational Trauma and Obesity

Active Alumni and Affiliate Members

  1. Cori Knight, PhD., University of California, Riverside
  2. G McGrew, PhD., Chemistry, Western Washington University
  3. Peter Miterko, M.A. 2017 (Lab Alumni)
  4. Tori Bianchi, B.A., 2018 (Lab Alumni), MSc, Anthropology, Cabrillo College
  5. Hoku Rivera, B.A. 2021 (Lab Alumni); University of Hawai’i


  1. Yeon Yu, PhD., Applied Anthropology Lab, Western Washington University
  2. Heather Fullerton, PhD., Department of Biology, College of Charleston
  3. Emilio Bruna, PhD., Department of Tropical Biology, University of Florida

Lab K-9s

  1. Hunch the Service Dog Osadchuk, BA in Olfaction Notification, Post-Graduate Fellowship in Team Building
  2. Aengus The Irish Wolfhound (2011 – 2020), Landscaping, BA; Osteology, PhD. Awarded Posthumous Emeritus status March 2020.

Lab Alumni (whose committees Dr. Bruna Chaired)

Please view my CV for a complete list of lab alumni.