SfAA 2017: Gender Composition of Ten Anthropology Editorial Boards

I recently presented a work in progress with Dr. Fullerton, Dr. E. Bruna and Ms. Kirlay at the 2017 annual meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology.  We discussed the gender composition of ten anthropology journals:

BRUNA, Sean (WWU), BRUNA, Emilio M. (UF), FULLERTON, Heather (PLU), and KIRALY, Giselle (WWU) The Gatekeeper Project: Crowdsourced Examination of the Gender Composition of Anthropology Journals. The editorial boards of academic journals act as gatekeepers to maintain the scientific integrity and standards of journals while identifying emerging and innovative research. We introduce The Gatekeeper Project (http://brunalab.org/ gatekeepers/) as an attempt to crowdsource data collection on the composition of the boards. We seek to understand how and why board composition varies within and across disciplines and use these data to help scholars, academic societies, editors, and publishers in their efforts to make the boards of our journals more inclusive and diverse. In addition to introducing the project, we present findings from an examination of 10 anthropology journals. sean. [email protected] (TH-95).

We plan on submitting the manuscript soon, but for those of you that missed it, you can view a PDF of the presentation: Bruna SFAA 2017.

Of particular interest might be the overall gender composition of the Editorial Boards over time (image at left).  I think it is particularly interesting that the gender composition nearly reached 50% after the formation of the AAA committee examining gender issues.

Though we need more data, it looks like female editors are more likely to hire female editorial board members (image at right).

Aside from the manuscript, our next step is a grant application to look at all AAA sponsored journals in addition to interviews with editors to see what is driving decisions. We could certainly use your help. Learn more about the project and get involved at The Gatekeeper Project.



SfAA 2017: Gender Composition of Ten Anthropology Editorial Boards