15C6E1F9-A9C3-4D02-9F9A-3D4BA0CB2436Over 30 students were on my Anth 424: Medical Anthropology waiting list this last quarter so I decided to offer it online.  And heck, when offering one class, why not offer two?

ANTH 201 Online: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Space Available)
Flyer: 424 flyer SUM 2016

5 Credits
CRN: 30442

Learn about the concept of culture and its importance to an understanding of human behavior. Emphasis on understanding each culture from its own point of view rather than from our own.

ANTH 424 Online:  Medical Anthropology (Undergrad Section Full – Registration Closed; Grad Section Available)
Prerequisites: ANTH 201; Junior standing or instructor permission
Flyer: 201 flyer SUM 2016

5 Credits
CRN: 30799

Introduction to an area where biological and cultural anthropology interface. Includes health and disease in evolution, the relationships
between disease and world view, the healer and the
cultural milieu, and comparative studies of healing practices.

Summer 2016 Online Classes