My courses engage students by combining scholarship and hands-on training, often utilizing place based or research experience pedagogy. By combining the two approaches, students learn to work on projects which may have a meaningful impact for both academic and public communities.

Undergraduate Courses – Western Washington University

  1. Student/Faculty Self-Designed Major Advisor
  2. ANTH 201: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  3. ANTH 303: Qualitative Research Methods for Anthropology
  4. ANTH 361: American Indian Perspectives
  5. ANTH 365: Latin American Perspectives
  6. ANTH 400: Advanced Independent Study
  7. ANTH 424: Medical Anthropology
  8. ANTH 469: Anthropology Internship
  9. ANTH 490: Participatory Action Research Senior Seminar 
  10. ANTH 495: Teaching & Learning Anthropology
  11. ANTH 496: Academic and Professional Portfolio Assembly
  12. ANTH 497r: Advanced Qualitative Inquiry (Qualitative Software training)

Honors Program – Western Washington University

  1. HRNS 203: Colloquium in Anthropology
  2. HRNS TBD: Working on Water: Considerations on Race, Gender and Class (in development for 2022-2023)
  3. HRNS:  Honors Thesis Advisor

Graduate Level Courses – Western Washington University

  1. ANTH 500: Graduate Independent Study
  2. ANTH 502: Graduate Theory in Anthropological Research
  3. ANTH 503: Graduate Research Design & Methods
  4. ANTH 524: Medical Anthropology
  5. ANTH 585: Essentials of Graduate Study in Anthropology
  6. ANTH 586: Research Mentorship & Professional Development
  7. ANTH 597r: Advanced Qualitative Inquiry (Qualitative Software training)
  8. ANTH TBD: Crowdsource Funding for Science (in development for 2022-2023)

Please request my CV for a list of all courses taught, including those at:

  1. The University of New Mexico
  2. The University of Chicago
  3. The Chicago Community College, and
  4. The El Paso Community College