Too Many Invitations for AAA?

I’m really looking forward to the annual AAA/CASCA 2019 Meeting to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in November 2019: Changing Climates: Struggle, Collaboration, and Justice / Changer d’air: Lutte, collaboration et justice.

One of the themes, “Collaboration”, highlights how anthropologists engage with various communities, from local to global, to construct research questions, design approaches, and make recommendations. Anthropology’s focus on local experience and perspectives provides us with a set of theoretical and methodological tools for building relationships with communities—relationships that can evolve into genuine coproduction of new knowledge.

I’ve been asked to participate in several sessions… unfortunately more than they allow. But I’ve confirmed invitations for the following sessions:

  1. The Role of Public Policies on Ameliorating and Exacerbating Access To Health Care. Roundtable Discussant and Moderator. Session Organizer: Dr.van Eijk, University of Washington.
  2. Challenges to Preliminary Research and the IRB Revised Common Rule. Session: Ethnography and IRBs: The Impact of the Revised Common Rule.
  3. Method to Manuscript: Best Practices for Teaching Fast-Paced Undergraduate Research Method Courses

The third session is on teaching research methods to undergraduates, but I may run into issues having too many senior roles. We’ll see how things shake out once sessions are accepted.

Looks like it’s shaping up to be a great conference. Hope to see you there!

Too Many Invitations for AAA?
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